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Supreme Court Refuses to Revive Plan to Shield Illegal Immigrants from Deportation
The Supreme Court is refusing to revive President Obama’s stalled plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Read more from the Washington Post here.

Armstrong Garden Centers Shares Top 10 Firescaping Tips
Armstrong Garden Centers shares their top 10 firescaping tips for homeowners:

  1. Know your plants and research their fire retardant abilities.
  2. Replace flammable trees and shrubs with fire-resistant varieties.
  3. Remove any dead, diseased or dying trees or shrubs.
  4. Create a wide “firebreak” around your home by removing brush and dried grass from the perimeter of your property.
  5. Dense brush means more fire fuel. Keep shrubs and trees thinned out, remove skirts from palms.
  6. Keep irrigation systems in working order and check regularly for adequate coverage.
  7. Eliminate overhanging branches from driveways that could restrict firetrucks.
  8. Keep turf in good condition, including responsibly watering plants or removing dried grass and replacing with a fire-resistant ground cover.
  9. Feed plants and shrubs with organic fertilizers. This reduces quick, soft growth that often results from high-nitrogen chemical fertilizers.
  10. Keep roofs and gutters free of dead leaves and other debris.

Plant Cleaner Products Ordered Detained and Removed from Sale
The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued a notice of statewide detainment and a stop sale and removal order for Green Planet Nutrients Mega Wash and NPK Industries Mighty Wash, two plant cleaner products which are used in hydroponics and horticulture. ODA has found that the products contain a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. The order calls for the companies to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution of the products in Oregon. Products within Oregon or transported into the state by any type of business transaction or other method are detained. ODA testing of Mega Wash and Mighty Wash found both to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.

Hoffman Nursery Expands Sales Team
Hoffman Nursery has expanded their sales team with two new members. Darren Barshaw joins as Director of Outside Sales and Annie Saunders joins as Sales & Customer Service Assistant. Barshaw’s focus will be visiting customers and expanding the nursery’s markets.

Phenocart For Plants
Similar to a Fitbit, a Phenocart is a tool that captures essential plant health data and measures plant vital signs like growth rate and color. It can also help breeders design larger experiments.

Glee 2016 Registration Now Live
Online registration for Glee 2016 is now live. The garden retail show will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom September 12 to 14. Attendees who register online will be able to save 20 pounds and receive free parking and a show catalogue.

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