Retailers’ Choice Awards™ at Farwest Show 2015 were presented to nine exhibiting firms during a presentation on the Idea Center Stage. The Garden Center Group’s Sid Raisch led the retailer search. Products were selected specifically for garden retailers in search of the best new products both live goods and hard goods for their stores. Following is a list of firms and their products receiving recognition:

Ball Seed – Booth 5043
Medinilla ‘Magnifica’
Medinilla Magnifica has amazing exotic flowers blooming several times and easy care requirements. Medinilla’s are a timeless beauty that will create majestic elegance in any room. It is a very unique plant, which you can enjoy for a long time. If you give Medinilla Magnifica the correct care, which you can find on this site their beautiful pink flowers can grow to a length of approximately 50cm and are a joy to behold. Our website will provide you with where to buy locations, plant care information, the history of the Medinilla, Medinilla news and an FAQ section.

Ball Seed – Burpee – Booth 5043
Celery ‘Peppermint Stick’
This unique red celery is a real culinary delight! The striped candy pink and green stalks shade to green leaves. Intense, full-­‐flavored celery is perfect for any kitchen garden, with abundant yields of 1/4″ stalks. A beautiful addition to herb planters and mixed combo planters. Use the leaves and stalks for fresh seasoning all year. Tends to keep its color when cooked. Very slow to bolt. Harvest outer stalks, and inner stalks will grow for later harvesting; features a long harvest period. Thin stalks pack a potent celery flavor. Excellent for soups and stews, as an edible garnish for a relish tray or just eat it fresh. Very slow to bolt. Harvest outer stalks, and inner stalks will grow for later harvesting; features a long harvest period.

Monrovia – Booth 17037
Dan Hinkley Collection
Dan Hinkley has traveled to China, South and Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tasmania and Canada, always returning home with plant varieties new to consumers. He has nurtured those finds first at Heronswood, the nursery he operated from 1997-­‐2000, and now at Windcliff, his home garden. Hinkley, the only contemporary horticulturist to hold the Scott Gold Medal, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal of Honor

Plantiflor -­‐ Booth 9015
Tillandsias -­‐ Air Plants
Tillandsias Air Plants are the hit new year round indoor gardening sensation because of the ultra low maintenance and ultra high style characteristics. Unique offerings include a Air Plant 6-­‐Pack with in-­‐house design to create a private label for your company. Display stands and fixtures are available.

Qualitree – Booth 10059
Pre-­‐Made Planters
The new foliage focused planters that Qualitree have created offer exceptional value and sophisticated design. Each planter showcases a strong foliage framework into which are layered seasonal elements such as winter berries or superior long lasting heather

JRT Nursery -­‐ Silver Falls Nursery – Booth 15062
Clematis ‘New Love’
New Love is a clump forming with erect woody stems that do not need support. Clusters of large, star-­‐shaped, violet-­‐blue flowers are sweetly scented. Flowers on new wood. Reaches 2-­‐3 ft. tall and 1-­‐2 feet wide. Ideal as a specimen or in perennial border, or in mixed containers. Prune to 4” tall in spring. Zones 5-­‐9

T & L Nursery – Booth 13015
Variegated Japanese Aralia -­‐ Fatsia japonica ‘Spiderweb’
Heavy white speckling on glossy green leaves. A great plant for adding a dramatic tropical feel to shady spots. Great in containers.

Third River Marketing – Booth 13004
Website helps you build, promote and manage your online reputation. is the only reputation marketing and management platform built specifically for the yard, garden and patio industry.

Van Belle Nursery – Booth 7043
Weigelia ‘Maroon Swoon’
One look at the extravagant deep red blooms will make your heart beat a little faster. Abundant rich red blooms on deep green foliage that contrasts for a stunning effect. Maroon Swoon blooms an abundance of gorgeous bell-­‐shaped flowers and has rich green foliage that contrasts for a stunning effect. Reaches 4-­‐5 feel tall

Van Klaveren’s Nursery – Booth 7049
Euonymus ‘Happiness’
A new Euonymus variety, particularly distinguished by its compact, upright habit and bright golden foliage. ‘Happiness’ is evergreen, with shoots that emerge light yellow-­‐green and fade to deep yellow. Reaches 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide. Ideal as as a low hedge, shrub border, specimen choice or in mixed containers.