The collaborative initiative behind the Handpicked for YouTM trustmark program, Syn-RGTM has contracted with Woody Bibens & Associates, Inc. to provide executive director and management services. Emily Bibens Chung, Vice President of Woody Bibens & Associates, Inc., will serve as Syn-RGTM’s first Executive Director.

“I’m excited to work with Syn-RGTM as they launch the Handpicked for YouTM trustmark program,” says Bibens Chung.  “The plant selection that is available to consumers can be overwhelming, particularly for new and younger gardeners.  Knowing that the plants in the Handpicked for YouTM program are backed by multi-year trials conducted by growers and Independent Garden Centers will provide the reassurance and proven track record new gardeners need to be excited and confident about their plant purchases.”

“The past two years have been an exciting period as we talked with plant introducers, growers and Independent Garden Centers about the Handpicked for YouTM trustmark concept,” said Tom Demaline, a founding member of Syn-RGTM and President of Willoway Nurseries. “We are pleased with the interest and support Syn-RGTM and Handpicked for YouTM have received from the industry and are excited to report that the initial batch of plant introductions are in the first year of trials. Having Emily join us as Executive Director is one more key step in sending the first plants to market bearing the Handpicked for YouTM trustmark.”

Emily Bibens Chung has worked with Woody Bibens & Associates, Inc. since 2009 where she serves also as the Education and Marketing Manager for the Western Nursery & Landscape Association. Previously, she has served as the Chapter Administrator of MGMA of Greater St. Louis and the Executive Secretary of the Hort Co-op of Metro St. Louis. Bibens Chung has a MPhil Management degree from the University of Cambridge and is a Certified Association Executive.