Terra Nova Nurseries announced it has modified the company’s labeling policy to eliminate the tag exemption process that was affecting the purchase of unrooted cuttings or rooted liners. Growers who utilize branded nursery or retailer labels with their products are no longer required to use Terra Nova Nurseries’ tags with their cutting and liner orders.

Formally, Terra Nova Nurseries’ tags were required for all patented varieties as part of unrooted cutting and rooted liner sales transactions, unless a grower-customer had been designated, “Tag Exempt.” A customer could become tag exempt by submitting his custom label to Terra Nova Nurseries for approval. This was true for growers purchasing product from Terra Nova Nurseries directly or via Terra Nova Nurseries’ North American licensees.

The process was determined by Terra Nova Nurseries’ corporate leadership team to be cumbersome and was acting as a barrier for growers to include Terra Nova Nurseries’ varieties in their programs.

The new policy is a highly streamlined version of the prior requirements. Growers who desire to refrain from using Terra Nova Nurseries’ tags simply need to notify their Terra Nova Nurseries’ sales representative or licensee they are using branded labels for their production and retail sales.

“One goal of our new labeling policy was to remove unnecessary obstacles and, thus, expedite the process of ordering Terra Nova Nurseries’ varieties,” says Nathan Lamkey, director of sales and marketing / assistant general manager. “We are sensitive of the time demands upon growers, and we are adapting and responding to their needs.”

Labeling requirements have not changed for Terra Nova Nurseries’ plants at retail. For retail purposes, the variety name and patent information should be printed on individual branded labels. Growers must inform their young plant producer(s) their intent to use a branded label for production rather than the use of Terra Nova Nurseries’ tags.

Licensee partners, in turn, will not require approval from Terra Nova Nurseries to stop requiring grower-customers to use the company’s tags. “Customers will no longer have to be considered “tag exempt” to waive the tag purchasing requirement,” says Lamkey.

In support of branded labeling for garden center brands, regional brands, and national brands the simplified variety name and plant patent tag requirement will ease the sales and marketing cycle for all parties. To help enable proper labeling, Terra Nova Nurseries has created a virtual patent website to easily supply the correct information online to growers, retailers and all major labeling companies.

This change in the labeling policy is effective immediately for unrooted cuttings or rooted liners purchased from Terra Nova Nurseries or any licensee partners.

The 2016 unrooted cutting licensees include: Terra Nova Nurseries, Athena Brazil, Ball-Darnwin, Dummen Orange, FloroExpo, GGG, Kientlzer, and Plant Source International.

2016 rooted liner licensees are as follows: Terra Nova Nurseries, Aris Green Leaf Plants, Creek Hill Nursery, DGI Propagators, Emerald Coast Growers, First Step Greenhouses, Gro’ n Sell, Gulley Greenhouse, James Greenhouse, Jolly Farmer, North Creek Nurseries, Northwest Horticulture, Oglesby Plants International, Pacific Plug & Liner, Pioneer Gardens, Plantpeddler, Plug Connection, C. Raker & Sons, Skagit Gardens, Swift Greenhouse, Takao Nursery, Timbuk Farms, Walla Walla Nursery, Walters Gardens, and Welby Gardens.