The European Horticulture Network (EHN) is an international cooperation of independent marketing and communication specialists. Together, they form a network of professionals with many years of experience working for the horticultural industry. The legal status is a cooperative and was officially founded on January 20, 2015 with members from seven European countries. The principle is one agency per country.

The idea behind the cooperation was based on the issues many companies and organizations are facing if one wants to do business in foreign countries and, for instance, also will take part in foreign trade fairs. Often, there is a lack of knowledge of the market, the language, the habits, customs and contacts. European Horticulture Network offers solutions for these issues with its short lines between the member agencies. The Network aims in the first instance for customers and offered services at the European market, but expects that also the industry from other continents will consider using the services of the network.

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