Retailers’ Choice Awards were presented to six companies at New England Grows 2015, recognizing a range of products for innovation and distinction for independent garden retail. The Garden Center Group’s Tom Kegley led a team of retailers from The Garden Center Group as they searched the floor and voted for the best new live goods and
hard goods for their stores. Products chosen were notable for their creative solutions, consumer flair, cutting-edge technology, retail presentation, and ground-breaking plant genetics.

The following six companies and their products were selected for the Retailers’ Choice Awards:

1) EcoHealth, Inc.
Damminix Tick Tubes

2) Sunny Border Nurseries, Inc.
Arizona Pot™

3) Sunrise Marketing
iBeacon from Apple

4) Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
Above and Beyond™ Rose

5) Netherland Bulb Co.
Organic Seed Potatoes with Retail Display

6) Pleasant View Gardens and Proven Winners