Leave it to the folks at Pantone to predict the green industry’s coming year. As it does each season, the company that defines color announced its selection for 2013, and appropriately enough for us, this year’s featured tone is green. Or, rather, Pantone No. 17-5641, Emerald. Described by the company as, “Lively. Radiant. Lush … A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony,” emerald green is “… the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green.”

Let’s focus on a few particular words there: Growth. Renewal. Prosperity. Regeneration.

What better describes the green industry than “growth”? Pretty obvious, yes, but let’s agree here and now that growing isn’t limited to plants. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, despite the maturity of the industry. Comprehensive immigration reform will likely be addressed – again – and we need to support the growth of the green industry’s influence. Do we want to grow stronger? Then we need to use our collective voices to show we mean business – a healthy, growing business.

Following years of recession and recovery, it’s time for renewal. We’ve lost some key players, we’ve gained some keen wisdom. In gatherings across the country, we’ve already heard stirrings of optimism for a brighter year. Many industry leaders are renewing their drive to take the industry to the next level<0x0214>and yes, that was intentional: Why not start with the joint ANLA/OFA event, “The Next Level”? Learn more at http://yournextlevel.org.

Green is the color of money. So it’s natural (pun intended) that we think of green products as income, as part of our prosperity. But the state of “prosperity” is one of flourishing and well-being, of thriving and comfort. It’s more than money in the bank; it’s a sense of security. I’ll wager we haven’t felt secure – and certainly not prosperous – in quite a long time. Looks like 2013 just might be our year.

Epimedium _ ‘Space Invaders’
Photo courtesy of Broken Arrow Nursery

Put all these elements together and you can’t help but experience regeneration. And isn’t it about time?

Mea culpa

Our apologies to Broken Arrow Nursery for an unfortunate bit of confusion: In the December New Plant Introductions issue, we somehow displayed the wrong photograph for the company’s new Epimedium × ‘Space Invaders’. The photo that appeared is actually Epimedium × ‘Raspberry Rhapsody’; if you read the digital magazine, however, you saw the correct copy and photo. Such gorgeous plants, you’ll want both. Pictured here is ‘Space Invaders’.