The Second Annual Sweet Melissa Fashion Show, a plant event like no other.

You are invited to the Second Annual Sweet Melissa Fashion Show, a plant event like no other. Join us on January 8, 2012, at the National Green Centre – – presented by the Western Nursery & Landscape Association.

The National Green Centre is integrating the green industry. Through innovative partnerships with American Nurseryman and consumer magazine Horticulture, as well as the Better Homes and Gardens website,, the National Green Centre is spearheading an initiative to promote 50 select new ornamental, native and edible plants from the breeder through to the consumer. Join breeders, growers, retailers, landscape designers and architects, and garden writers in Kansas City to touch the 50 hottest new plants in 2012, be face-to-face with the breeders and growers, and feel the excitement of what the industry has to offer the consumer in 2012.

The Sweet Melissa Fashion Show benefits the Sweet Melissa Fund ( that helps lung transplant patients and their families. It is an organization that is near to Dr. Michael and Bonnie Dirr’s hearts, and we appreciate their support and the opportunity to support this worthy organization.

Sarah Woody Bibens, Executive Director

Lady Elizabeth daylily
Introduced by: American Daylily

For decades, near-white daylilies have been considered weak novelties best grown by collectors. All-American Daylily ‘Lady Elizabeth’ is a pristine beauty that defies all the stereotypes, providing a generous display of sparkling, diamond-dusted blooms.

SombreroSalsa Red coneflower
Introduced by: Ball Horticultural Co.

Lots of bright, rich color on a compact, well-branched plant that will deliver years of enjoyment in gardens from zones 5 to 9! Growing 2 feet tall and wide in the garden, this coneflower is perfect for use in first-year-flowering and overwintered perennial programs.

Whitewater red bud
Introduced by: PlantHaven Inc.

A unique, weeping red bud with variegated foliage, Whitewater is a small shade-loving tree. New growth of pure white foliage changes to mostly green by the end of summer.

Rhapsody in Pink crapemyrtle
Introduced by: Dr. Carl Whitcomb

Summer never ends when Rhapsody in Pinkcrapemyrtle is on the scene. This stunner will please and tease with deep purple foliage adorned with soft pink flowers.

Monarch ageratum
Introduced by: Plantpeddler Inc.

Lush and floriferous, Monarch ageratums are extremely attractive to butterflies for butterfly gardens; a great choice for landscaping. The color range currently includes blues, purples, whites and mauves – with more coming in the future.

Redpointe® maple
Introduced by: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Redpointe® maple stands at the pinnacle of shade tree fashion. Tailored for today’s streetscapes and landscapes, this new red maple is heat tolerant and insect resistant, vigorous and adaptable.

You-Me Passion hydrangea
Introduced by: PlantHaven Inc.

Hydrangea You-Me Passion is a deciduous shrub that exhibits large, medium-green leaves and flowers that are yellow-green to dark pink. The flowers bloom continuously in spring and summer, opening to resemble a lace-cap but maturing to create a full mop head.

A note fromAmerican Nurseryman

January 2011 saw the first staging of the Sweet Melissa Fashion Show, and American Nurseryman was proud to be the National Green Centre’s first partner in showcasing some of the finest plants on the market. It was a breathtaking presentation – a glittering, pulse-pounding fashion show right on the trade show floor! Live models strutted your stuff, with each individual carrying an exciting new plant down the runway. There’s no denying the models were the cream of the crop, but all eyes were focused on the plants – they were the real stars of the show!

This coming January, the spotlight again will be on fabulous new plants when the National Green Centre presents its second Sweet Melissa Fashion Show. If you missed the first program, don’t let this one slip by. And to whet your appetite for the fun and excitement planned for Kansas City, we’re giving you a sneak preview. Take a peek at what’s in store, and we bet you’ll be making your reservations in no time. It’s an experience not to be missed!