The variety of planting equipment can make anyone’s head spin. With so many different types of equipment on the market, where do you start? Having the right equipment will make your crops more profitable and your work more efficient.

Don’t make it harder on yourself—we came up with a list for you. Dig away!

Dutchman curved-blade 80 planter and Dutchman straight-blade planter

Photos courtesy of Dutchman Industries Inc.

Dutchman planters

Dutchman’s curve-blade series, featuring cold-formed blades, is designed for sandy soils and trees with deep taproots. With reduced cycle time, the shorter towers allow an operator to travel with the blades up, which eliminates a full “open-close” cycle and speeds up the digging process. The extra-wide opening of the circular frame makes it so it can easily wrap around low-branched or multistemmed trees.

The straight-blade series, made for superior digging power, has a 25-degree design for ball and burlap production. Blades are constructed from AR 400 steel and set on a 25-degree angle. Models include 50-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch truck spades.

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Egedal SR-2 bed lifter

Photos courtesy of Timm Enterprises

Egedal side digger and bed lifter

The Egedal Wibro Side Digger, available through Timm Enterprises, makes it possible to dig larger trees and shrubs; it can also be used for root pruning when a share without tines is mounted. The digger is hydraulically side adjustable on the go, and the large hydraulic adjustable tandem depth wheels allow digging even in the most severe conditions. The working depth is a maximum of 35 cm, the minimum width is 250 cm (50 cm share) and the maximum width is 280 cm (50 cm share). The digger’s weight is 890 kg.

The side digger is standard mounted with hydraulic side displacement for a quick and convenient adjustment of distance between the share and the tractor wheel.

The Egedal SR-2 Bed Lifter has 40-inch-long tines and works well in wet conditions. The shaking system shakes the plants, not the tractor, and provides soil-free and long roots. The maximum digging depth is 12 inches.

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Damcon’s KLR-1500 2M tree transplanter, Damcon’s KLR-2500 tree spade, and Damcon’s KLR-500 ZR tree spade

Photos ourtesy of Damcon

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Damcon’s tree spade and tree transplanters

The KLR-500 ZR from Damcon is a small, self-propelled tree spade with an undercutting blade. The machine is provided with tree spades for root-balls up to 50 cm. The width of the KLR-500 ZR is 98-104 cm and the biggest root ball diameter is 50 cm. The KLR-500 ZR has great mobility with comfortable control and low maintenance costs.

Damcon’s KLR-2500 model has a lifting capacity of 11,000 kg, a length of 277 cm, width of 269 cm and weight of 3,600 kg. This model has two undercutting blades with an option of a treeclamp. The size of the KLR-2500 model’s rootball is 250 cm.

The KLR-1500 2M tree transplanter is suitable for 59-inch rootballs with a capacity of 25 to 100 trees per day; it has a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg and weight of 1,500 kg.

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Lemar four-blade tree spade

Photo courtesy of Lemar Tree Spades

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Lemar tree spades

Lemar offers five different series of tree spade models ranging from 500 series to 4000 series models. The 1000 series has both three-blade and four-blade inside frame spades; all are designed for increased mobility, versatility and are maneuverable. The shovel design produces a rounder package with a root ball size of 30 inches to 38 inches.

The four-blade spade in the 1000 series is ideal for hard digging conditions and boasts an open front design that improves visibility, increasing production and reducing stock damage. The four-blade spade is a compact spade but can still dig root balls from 36 inches to 42 inches.

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Optimal 1100 tree spade

Photo courtesy of Optimal Tree Spades

Optimal tree spade

The Optimal 1100 tree spade is one of the company’s most popular models. Capable of digging up to a 46-inch rootball and down to a 36-inch rootball, it’s a great choice for 3.5- to 4.5-inch-caliper trees. The spade comes standard with electric hydraulic controls, universal mounting bracket, lift pads for digging smaller rootballs and individual blade control. Features include zero grease fittings, easily adjustable blades, dual opening gates and electric over hydraulic individual blade controls.

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