This year is so over. Almost. Nearly? Anyway, it’s time to take a look ahead to see what 2015 might have in store. With the help of the annual report from the Garden Media Group, we get a hint at what to expect. The group has identified nine trends we’ll see in the coming months:

The New Consumers

Three demographic groups have been identified as the “new consumers”: Millennials, Hispanics and—wait for it—young men. As the group, Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers; Hispanics comprise the fastest growing group; and young men in the U.S., according to the Garden Media Group, “spend $100 more than average on garden plants and products.”

Color Pops

Popular pink and teal provide fresh pops of fun color, while the rustic tones whisper “comfort.”


Moving the party outside, GMG claims that demand in the U.S. for outdoor products will increase 4 percent to nearly $7 billion next year. Outdoors rooms continue to provide the venue.

Wellbeing from the Outside In

Healthy living means more than eating right and exercising; it means taking care of Mother Earth, too. Growing healthy food (veggies, berries and other fruits) is good for the body, but growing fruit-bearing trees and shrubs is good for the environment, as well.

Bite-sized Decadence

Compact plants that fit nicely into that outdoor room will be all the rage.

Portable Gardening

Think beyond container gardening-an ongoing garden favorite that fits in just about anywhere, anytime-and embrace patio fixtures and amenities with wheels. Built-in outdoor kitchens likely will be around for a while, but for those who value their freedom above the anchor of home ownership—both young adults starting out and seniors ready to spread their wings again—moveable planters and grills just make sense.


Don’t tell me I can’t hang my wash out to dry. And if I feel like raising chickens, I’ll darn well raise chickens. No matter what the local ordinances say, more and more residents are growing their own food, keeping bees (and goats!), and turning the neighborhood into an “agri-hood.”

Bed Head Style

I love this one, because I live it. And I don’t mean in my garden. Think natural, a bit messy, a little controlled chaos. The look of an “unplanned” garden is right up our alley. It’s casual, it’s low maintenance, it’s a bit of shabby chic meets meadow. Unplanned doesn’t mean irresponsible, however: quite the opposite. Water-wise plants = happy environment + happy gardener.

Smoke Your Garden

Well, okay. Not sure if folks will really be growing their own marijuana, considering the legal hoops experienced and licensed growers have to jump through, but yeah. Maybe new business opportunities will sprout up. It’s worth a toke … I mean, a look.