Working with Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) and with Bob Dolibois was an honor. Truly, an honor.

Back before the birth of AmericanHort, when ANLA and OFA were considering their cooperative venture, ANLA’s Bob Dolibois was asked to write a book about the industry. It would cover the 40 years since Richard White’s “A Century of Service,” and it would bring us up to date on the rapidly changing world of commercial horticulture in the U.S. A big task, to be sure, but no one was better qualified, nor better positioned, to tackle this project. Bob had spent 21 years as ANLA’s Executive Director and had shepherded the association, and the industry, through revolutionary and evolutionary changes alike.

I was thrilled to be invited to serve as editor of Bob’s exceptional work, and I’ll tell you what I told industry professionals gathered at the HRI reception during which his book was officially released: It’s the kind of book that’s informative, entertaining, engaging, insightful — hard to put down. And when you’re finished, you smack yourself upside the head and think, “Damn! I really learned something!”

Back Then to Right Now: The Horticultural Industry Comes of Age” is must-reading for anyone involved with — or thinking of entering — the green industry. And it was made possible through the support of the HRI.

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