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Handy Safety Knives Now Available in Sample Three-Pack
HTK Company has introduced a three-pack offering of its handy safety knives.  The three-pack is perfect for those who want to try several styles to determine the ideal one for their cutting tasks. The USA-made handy safety knives have a patented curved design and a rugged, professional blade, making it a trusted utility knife for any task.  The new three-pack is available in several options—Sportsmen, Gardener and Industrial—and will include a variety of band designs and blade styles.  Each three pack contains a small (sizes 8-11), a medium (sizes 12-15) and a large (sizes 16+) ring knife. All Sportsmen three-packs will include a Razors Edge® blade style, which is can be used for a task as simple as cutting fishing line to skinning game in the field. The three-pack cost, which includes shipping, is $15.

Spring Meadow Nursery Releases Logo Redesign
Spring Meadow Nursery released a new logo, which is the first logo update in a decade and the most dramatic change in company branding since Deppe family started the business in 1981. The previous logo consisted of a sprig of three green leaves which represented Spring Meadow Nursery’s shrub propagation heritage. This is still reflected in the leaf of the new design, however, the addition of a colorful flower bud expresses a dedication to the development and introduction of new, colorful, flowering shrub genetics. The streamlined presentation also edits out the words “Nursery Inc.” from the branding, reinforcing a reach that extends far beyond nursery work.

AmericanHort Scholars
The HortScholars program is open to any college student in a horticulture-related program. They must apply before March 1. AmericanHort Scholar’s will attend Cultivate’18 to meet leaders in the industry.