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Longwood Gardens’ Professional Gardener Alumni Association Announces the 2018 Today’s Horticulture Symposium
The Professional Gardener Alumni Association announced the 2018 Today’s Horticulture Symposium on February 2 at Longwood Gardens. Sponsored by Longwood Gardens, Mt. Cuba Center and the Chanticleer Foundation, this day-long symposium will feature a program for the horticulture professional, landscape designer and architect, passionate gardener, and student of horticulture.  This year’s symposium features a varied lineup of speakers including Whitney Cranshaw PhD, a professor and Extension Specialist of Entomology at Colorado State University and Andrew Bunting, Assistant Director of the Garden and Director of Plant Collections at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Dr. Cranshaw will enlighten guests with clues for easier pest identification for common plants, while Andrew Bunting will take guests on a tour of 50 useful and unique garden plants he has encountered over his 35 years of traveling. New to the symposium this year will be a Professional Gardener Alumni spotlight, where graduates of the program will share their dynamic and varied experiences in horticulture.

National Garden Bureau’s 2018 “New Varieties” Now Available
National Garden Bureau (NGB) has been showcasing and promoting their member’s new plant varieties in the inspirational program appropriately named “New Plants.” December is when many are planning their product line-up and garden selections for 2018.