4450 Series earth augers

The 4450 Series of earth augers from General Equipment features a new, simpler configuration for attaching the screw bit, which speeds up the installation process and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the earth auger. The company’s new screw bit design has a male shaft, which slides into the end of the earth auger. This helps to eliminate the chance of the screw bit breaking, as well as the resulting damage to the auger. Additionally, the 4450 Series earth augers are cast into a one-piece, integral assembly from steel to further increase service life.

For more information: www.generalequip.com

Fertilizer calculator

Agrium Advanced Technologies has launched its Square Foot Advantage calculator, designed to compare real-world data and the total cost-in-use of controlled-release fertilizers Driven By Duration vs. ordinary or conventional fertilizers. cthealculator compares variables including square footage, the number of times an area is fertilized each year, and the overhead cost (including product and labor rates) to determine the total cost-in-use of fertilization, both by square foot and by total area fertilized. The calculator then goes a step further, comparing the same data with the cost and spread frequency of the same area using Spread it & Forget it, or Duration CR controlled-release fertilizers.

For more information: www.drivenbyduration.com

Marengo™ herbicide

OHP Inc. has introduced Marengo herbicide, with the active ingredient indaziflam. The product is a selective preemergence herbicide that offers long-term residual control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds. Marengo contains the first active ingredient from MOA (Mode of Action) Group 29. The active ingredient prevents weed seed germination by inhibiting cellulose biosynthesis. Marengo does not move once applied to the soil and does not volatilize. Marengo is registered for use on production ornamentals grown in outdoor nurseries, as well as on conifers, Christmas trees, and ornamental production sites and hardscapes; it is labeled for use in shade houses and hoop houses as well.

For more information: www.ohp.com/Products/marengo.php

AquaFlow software

Toro has released AquaFlow 3.2, the company’s latest update to its Drip Irrigation Design Software. AquaFlow 3.2 now allows users to design multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains, and to choose between English or Spanish language and English or metric units. Capabilities include the following: supports Toro’s new Thinwall dripline; multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains; Spanish language; metric units; improved report printing options; ability to import and export designs – and much more.

For more information: www.toro.com/en-us/agriculture/pages/drip-irrigation-education/design-aides/design-assist-px