Small, versatile tractors are the go-to vehicle for growing and landscape operations. Check out some of the hottest picks on the market today.

Good things come in small packages, and these small but mighty, multipurpose tractors are no exception. Among the most adaptable implements around, they’re made to tackle jobs from greenhouse to planting row and everything in between.

The Massey Ferguson 1529 features a hydrostatic transmission, making it ideal for mowing or for jobs that require constant speed within confined areas. This 4-wheel drive tractor offers cruise control, and separate forward and reverse pedals mounted on the platform provide ease of operation and infinite ground speeds. The 28-horsepower, 3-cylinder diesel engine has a 9.2-gallon fuel tank and is liquid cooled. Overall length is 120.7 inches, with a width of 58.1 inches. Ground clearance is 10.4 inches on a wheelbase of 66.7 inches. The 1529 offers a Category 1, 3-point hitch, with a standard rate of drop control and lift capacity of 2,425 pounds. For more information, visit
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Italian manufacturer Antonio Carraro offers a fleet of small, narrow-tracked machines suitable for nursery operations – many of which were originally developed for use in the narrow confines of vineyards. Their size, configuration and versatility make them ideal for nursery operations, as well as for work in the greenhouse and on the job site. A wide range of options can be added for specific task requirements.

The SRH 9800 is a hydrostatic, reversible tractor with an articulated chassis designed especially for narrow spaces – ideal for nurseries and greenhouses. It has a 4-valve, 87-hp, electronic injection engine and comes with a computerized system for management of speed, movement, acceleration and rpm. The SRH 9800 features an electronic speed control system that allows the operator to set forward speeds, ensuring consistent velocity for critical tasks such as trimming, tagging, measuring and planting. The body is manufactured with a curved design to allow the machine to glide through plant rows without damaging vegetation.

The TGF 9800 and TGF 10400 from Carraro’s Ergit 100 Series are agile machines designed to work between narrow rows and perform tight turns in confined areas; both are low profile and feature smaller front wheels. The TGF remains stable and balanced even when it’s fitted with extra equipment: Operators can choose up to 16 combinations of options to assure exceptional performance on any terrain. A pressurized Protector 100 cabin combines maximum insulation with comfort and visibility; despite its compact size, it provides easy and obstacle-free access. All-around visibility is assured by the glass doors and the rear window, which also allow the operator to see the equipment. The hermetic seal and controlled pressurization guarantee a healthy workplace free of toxic fumes. The air in the Protector 100 cab during treatment with plant protection products is perfectly pure.

Antonio Carraro’s S Series is dedicated to professional operators looking for stability, grip and contained tractor dimensions with a quick return on investment. There are four models available.

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The TGF 7800/9400 S, equipped with a Yanmar 71-hp engine with direct injection, is a mono-directional tractor with a smaller steering wheel. Its low center of gravity sets it apart and guarantees stability and safety on slopes and on uneven ground. It also provides unique agility when penetrating dense rows of vegetation. Its compact structure combined with smaller front wheels with respect to the rear ones, afford the vehicle with accurate steering and narrow turning circles.

The SX 7800/9400 S is a single-direction tractor with equal wheels. The articulated chassis and the narrow track assure extraordinary operating performance in small spaces, along the corridors between rows and when turning headlands.

The TRX 7800 S is fitted with the Rev-Guide System RGSTM, an integrated system of technical solutions that allows the drive position to be rotated through 180° to permit the easy use of trailing equipment, as well as the use of front-mounted accessories such as forklifts, arms, blades, shredders and snowblowers.

The Supertigre 6500 Jona offers a unique concept, design and personality. This articulated tractor, with equal sized wheels, is perfect in the many situations where compact dimensions, constant traction, maneuverability and good performance in row crops on slopes is required. The machine’s rounded lines and compact size assure its agility in cramped areas, between rows and on hilly terrain. The 57-hp turbo diesel engine, with direct injection and 4 cylinders, guarantees maximum performance in line with the tractor’s dimension, weight, wheelbase and specific characteristics. The gearbox of Supertigre Jona (24 speeds synchronized with the inverter: 12+12) offers a complete range of speeds in both drive directions. Its perfect weight distribution over all four wheels, guaranteed by the ACTIO™ articulated oscillating chassis, guarantees grip and constant stability. The integrated lift/hydraulic system/PTO provides great working versatility when using many different tools and implements, while maintaining constant set up, hold and stability. The independent PTO, with oil bath multidisc clutch, is set at 540 rpm; 540E and 1,000 rpm are available on request.

The Tigre family of tractors was developed with the aim of equaling the quality and structural standards of Antonio Carraro’s top-of-the-range tractors, though on a reduced scale. Tigre 4000 and Tigre 4400 F are compact tractors designed for the needs of greenhouse operators, nursery gardeners and ground care operators. The hydraulic system features a standard or controlled effort and position power lift with single- and double-acting hydraulic couplers (floating position) up to a maximum of 4 fittings and 4 rapid couplers (optional). The power lift features a 3-point hitch and adjustable tie-rods with a capacity of 1,000 Kg. The particularly spacious and comfortable driving seat offers more elbow room for operator comfort; the driving platform is suspended on anti-vibration devices.

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John Deere offers a fleet of specialty tractors, designed to be used in the narrow confines of nursery properties, greenhouses, vineyards and other tight spaces. The 5083EN is just 45.2 inches wide from the outer edges of the rear tires, and is available in optional station and cab configurations. Available mechanical front-wheel drive provides traction on demand for challenging terrain; additional versatility is achieved when wheel treads are adjusted with 6 degrees of caster angle and 55-degree turn angle, resulting in a shorter turning radius and plenty of horsepower to turn around in tight places.

Deere’s PowrReverser™ transmission provides 12 forward and 12 reverse gears for operators requiring additional flexibility for multiple applications; hydraulic wet forward and reverse clutches maximize durability and will outlast the life of any dry clutch. When tractors are run by multiple operators with a variety of experience levels, a wet clutch is the best way to maintain transmission integrity and performance while decreasing clutch replacement costs. Two platform-mounted levers offer easy and comfortable shifting for a pleasant operator experience. The gear-shift lever is easy to reach and the less-used range lever is now shorter.

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