‘Desert Blonde’ sedum

Sedum ‘Desert Blonde’ from Terra Nova Nurseries has blue-green leaves, multiple crowns the first year, and very short stems. Its creamy yellow flowers mature to soft red seed heads. Bred for vigorous basal branching and good garden performance, ‘Desert Blonde’ is perfect for mixed beds, borders and dry gardens. It requires good drainage and full sun exposure for optimal performance. The bloom time for this variety is August and September. ‘Desert Blonde’ grows well in zones 4 to 10, and its average size is 11 inches wide by 8 inches high with a 9-inch flower height.

For more information: www.terranovanurseries.com/growers/sedumdesertblonde-p-616.html

Beltless stump grinder

Bandit Industries introduces the new Model 2550XP self-propelled stump grinder, available with up to 44 horsepower. Featuring beltless hydrostatic direct-drive and available with up to 44 horsepower, the Model 2550XP sets all-new standards for stump grinder production, reliability, chip containment and low maintenance. Compared to similar stump grinders with traditional belt drive, the Model 2550XP typically has a significantly lower cost-of-ownership through reduced maintenance needs and less downtime.

For more information: www.banditchippers.com

Sust_ne for home gardeners

Sust<0x00E5>ne products has launched a line of organic plant foods for home gardener use, which will be available to independent garden centers beginning in 2013. The products include Compost Tea Bags, 4-6-4 All Natural Flower & Vegetable Plant Food and 8-2-4 All Natural Lawn & Landscape Plant Food. The new lineup will be distributed to IGCs and greenhouse operations by BFG/Wetzel. Additionally, Organic Mechanics Potting Soil will be distributing Sust<0x00E5>ne products to Whole Foods stores and 240 independent garden centers in the Northeast.

For more information: www.sustane.com/lawnandgardenpage.html

Front-mounted snowblower

Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing has introduced its new 600CT snowblower for compact tractors, featuring the industry’s first concentric-axis design, meaning the impeller and auger rotate on the same shaft to improve performance and reduce maintenance concerns. Additionally, the standard quick-attach, front-mount design of the blower allows full articulation of the loader’s arms during operation. The 600CT has a 74-inch cutting width and a 28-inch cutting height for managing tall drifts and snow piles. The 18-inch, four-blade impeller rotates the same direction as the auger to effectively direct snow into the discharge chute.

For more information: www.sheyennemfg.com/index.php?p=ct