SolaRight Lighting has announced its partnership with California Lighting Sales (CLS), a lighting manufacturer’s representation firm that serves southern California. With decades of combined experience, a seasoned sales force and expertise in lighting and design, CLS will introduce SolaRight products to the outdoor lighting design community in this region.

“We are looking forward to working with CLS to gain rapid market exposure for our new, patented solar lighting products. An established firm such as CLS is exactly what we need to generate awareness and adoption of this re-invented technology that will revolutionize how outdoor spaces and roadways are illuminated,” said Drew Dozier, SolaRight General Manager.

CLS serves a large territory containing seven counties and 20 million people and knows the importance of innovation and success.

“By partnering with SolaRight we will be continuing our track record of innovation by being the first to introduce our customers to these one-of-a-kind products.  We are very excited that the technology is now reliable enough to be viable for commercial applications,” said Marcus Cone, Principal.