From compacting to drilling to trenching, these versatile, labor-saving tools can conquer the task at hand.

A patio, a deck, a meandering path through a backyard garden … it may be a big project for a homeowner, but it’s a smaller contract for a landscape professional. These light-construction features, however, also can be bread-and-butter items during a down economy. And to do the job right, you need the right equipment – heavy-duty tools that go from site to site and make your job easier.

Plate compactor attachments

Compact design makes this Bobcat compactor attachment easy to use for a variety of light landscape construction projects.
Courtesy of Bobcat

New PCF34 and PCF64 flat-top plate compactor attachments from Bobcat offer enhanced compatibility with Bobcat M-Series excavators.

Designed for compacting trenches, footings and slab areas, the attachments are well-suited to projects that include driving piles for retaining walls and compacting soil – new patio, anyone? The compact design of the plate enables compacting even in hard-to-reach areas, such as down in trenches and on slopes. Shock mounts distribute vibration evenly while keeping the attachment level, increasing stability and improving compaction efficiency.

Mounted at the end of an excavator arm, the plate compactor attachment provides more powerful compaction force than a hand-operated compactor and reduces the need for a worker in the trench. The PCF34’s length is 26 inches from the excavator arm and its plate width is 18.75 inches. The attachment’s dynamic force is 3,400 pounds and the compaction frequency is 2,100 vpm. The PCF34 is compatible with the Bobcat E32, E35, E42, E45, E50 and E55 excavators.

The PCF64’s length is 34 inches from the excavator arm and its plate width is 23.5 inches. The attachment’s dynamic force is 6,400 pounds and the compaction frequency is 2,000 vpm. The PCF64 is compatible with the three largest Bobcat excavators including the E55, E60 and E80.

With the PCF34 and PCF64, Bobcat excavator operators can compact down in trenches without leaving the cab and reduce the need for a person working in the trench, increasing jobsite safety and operator comfort.

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Single-direction plate compactors

Installing pavers and patios can be easy with the portable plate compactor from BOMAG.
Courtesy of BOMAG Americas Inc.

BOMAG’s versatile BVP Series single-direction plate compactors are durably designed for superior performance on a variety of jobs, from soil or asphalt compaction to paver and patio installation.

Powered by air-cooled Honda gasoline engines equipped with low oil alert, the BVP Series plate compactors are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. An engine protection frame guards against incidental damage, while vibration isolation extends engine and overall equipment longevity. A bolt-on exciter is easy to remove, keeping maintenance time and cost to a minimum.

The BVP Series includes two models. The BVP10/36 weighs 183 pounds, covers a working width of 14.2 inches and produces 2,250 pounds of centrifugal force. The BVP18/45 weighs 201 pounds, has a working width of 17.7 inches and delivers 4,050 pounds of centrifugal force.

A wide range of features and options make the BVP Series ideal for professionals looking for a versatile and easily transported tool. The base plate offers extra width for compaction below fences or boundaries. An optional Vulcolan mat helps prevent damage to paving stone or brick surfaces. A 1.8-gallon water tank can be quickly removed without tools, and a water sprinkler system is available as an option.

Each compactor’s foldable and removable steering handle is isolated from vibration. Maneuverability to, from and around a jobsite is simple, thanks to a balanced lifting point, carrying handles and optional transport wheels.

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Auger drill rig

If you’ve got a job on hard-to-reach-site, Little Beaver’s Big Beaver auger drill rig allows you the maneuverability you need to get the job done. The rig offers 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity and the ability to turn augers up to 18 inches in diameter. Constructed with a welded mechanical steel frame, the portable, easily maneuverable design enables it to work in remote locations and those inaccessible to truck-mounted units.

Available in two models, the Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL, the hydraulically powered units may be specified to produce a range of maximum drilling torques from 690 to 170 foot-pounds and auger speeds from 114 to 547 RPM, respectively, when provided up to 12 GPM and 3000 PSI. Both models have been designed to work with Little Beaver’s D-series augers, which range in diameter from 4 to 18 inches. Auger extensions enable drilling depths up to 32 feet with a 16-inch auger and 100 feet with a 6-inch auger, depending on soil conditions.

At just 26 inches wide and 48 inches long, the Big Beaver maneuvers into areas mounted drills simply can’t fit. The standard model measures 80 inches tall when upright while the Big Beaver XL stands at 92 inches tall. Flat-free tires smoothly guide the machine through gates and doorways, under eaves or into interior locations without disturbing the soil on the way.

The Big Beaver can be paired with special tools and accessories to enable various drilling tasks. An optional Cathead Kit, which includes a tower kit, third hydraulic valve and spool, makes soil sampling and performing standard penetration tests (SPTs) fast, convenient and economical. Additionally, the kit enables the Big Beaver to take undisturbed core samples, in 24-inch increments, with the optional Split Spoon Sampler. The accessory can be safely and securely driven into the ground with Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound Safety Hammer.

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Trenching for low-voltage lighting or irrigation systems? Kwik-Trench from Little Beaver can tackle multiple projects.
Courtesy of Little Beaver

Little Beaver’s Kwik-Trench mini-trencher is offered in two models, the KT200B and KT2400B, both able to trench up to 30 feet per minute. Featuring carbide-tipped teeth and a powerful drive system, the mini-trencher is able to cut through tough surfaces such as compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and tree roots up to 10 inches thick.

In each of its two easy-to-operate push-forward models, the Kwik-Trench works quickly and efficiently to create clean, narrow trenches. Featuring a triple V-belt drive system, the Kwik-Trench achieves rotation speed up to 800-rpm. Precise cutting depth is achieved with a manual crank, while each trencher’s locking swivel wheel guides the unit, ensuring straight trenches. In addition to producing clean, precise results, the Kwik-Trench is designed to minimize backfill and cleanup time by depositing soil beside the trench.

Powered by a 5.5-horsepower Honda engine, the KT 200B is capable of achieving depths up to 8 inches. The unit features 4 carbide-tipped teeth and produces trenches from 1 to 3 inches wide. The KT 2400B unleashes 8-horsepower through its Honda engine and achieves depths up to 12 inches. Equipped with 8 carbide-tipped cutting teeth, the mini-trencher produces trenches from 1 to 4 inches wide. The KT 200B weighs in at 265 pounds; the KT 2400B is still lightweight and manageable at 430 pounds.

Both Kwik-Trench models feature a compact design to allow easier access into tight areas unreachable to full-size trenchers. Additionally, each model is mounted on semi-pneumatic tires, making the Kwik-Trench safe to use on delicate lawns and turfs. To protect the drivetrain from wear and damage, a slip clutch is built into the hub of the cutter wheel. Heat-treated, hardened steel teeth are carbide tipped for superior performance and extra long life.

For added convenience, Little Beaver offers an optional trailer to make transporting the Kwik-Trench a snap. The KT 2000 tilt bed utility trailer is built for a load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds and fits 2-inch towing balls. The trailer features spring axles, a 10-gauge diamond plate bed, and an axle lock and tie-downs.

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