Need help making that job easier? Check out these handy devices, each designed to increase your efficiency as well as your bottom line.

Tough as nails, the drills and spreaders highlightedhere offer ease of use in all kinds of weather and in allkinds of site conditions. Whether you’re digging to plantor to sink a fence post, you’re sure to make good use of arugged, easy-to-handle drill. And if you’re spreading deicingcompounds or lawn treatments, a reliable spreaderis a must.

Drilling attachment


The DIG-R-TACH® line from General Equipment Company, Owatonna, Minn., is designed for use with both small and large hydraulic systems. Ideal for skid steer loaders, small excavators, knuckleboom cranes and small backhoes, the 671 DIG-R-TACH® Series 16 earth drilling attachment is intended for smaller hydraulic systems, whereas the Series 24 is designed for larger hydraulic systems found with backhoes and excavators.

Featuring a two-speed chain/sprocket drive and a 5 to 20 GPM hydraulic flow range, the Series 16 balances smaller flow volumes in proportion to auger diameters. The result is a cleaner hole with less loose soil and debris. For higher capacity drilling, the Series 24 operates in a 15 to 25 GPM hydraulic flow range and delivers a maximum drilling torque of 2,018 foot-pounds at 2,500 PSI.

The 671 series utilizes a drilling industry standard 2-inch hexagon auger drive system. This design eliminates excessive auger driveshaft wear. A complete line of earth augers up to 36 inches in diameter is available with Pengo®-type, cast-steel boring heads and forged teeth for maximum digging performance. For additional drilling depth, full-flighted auger extensions can be added.

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Versatile attachments offer greater drilling options.Courtesy of General Equipment Company.

Hydraulic Drill

This hydraulic drill handles jobs from standard to rugged.

Combining a higher horsepower engine with the convenience of hydraulic drive, the Hydraulic Earth Drill from Little Beaver Inc., Livingston, Texas, is able to drill efficiently and effectively, even in the toughest soil conditions. Three different handle options are available: The one-man handle is primarily used for standard drilling tasks and projects requiring augers 10 inches in diameter or smaller. It is built with a 150-rpm motor, and a 220-rpm motor is also available when higher speeds are desired. When using larger augers 12 to 16 inches in diameter, the two-man handle is recommended. The standard 150-rpm motor allows easy drilling for extra deep holes. A 220-rpm motor is available and provides greater drilling speed, while the 125-rpm is an option for added torque. Finally, a high-torque anchor handle that features a 60-rpm motor is available for extra heavy-duty jobs. All three styles feature a self-centering control valve for return to neutral when released.

Little Beaver’s hydraulic drill features an 11-horsepower Honda overhead valve gas engine. The HYD-PS11H has a 5-gallon reservoir capacity and is mounted on an easily maneuverable three-wheel chassis. The compact design allows access to areas unreachable by skid steer-mounted augers, and convenient front and rear handles make loading and unloading fast and easy.

At 150 rpm, the drill offers controlled and precise speed, resulting in higher torque and wider drilling diameter. When using a 12-inch or smaller diameter auger, the drill can achieve depths of up to 12 feet, depending on soil conditions. The units can also handle larger augers and drill holes up to 16 inches in diameter.

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Mechanical Drill

Compact design makes it easy to tackle difficult jobs.

One-man hole digging operations can be made safe and productive with the line of MDL Mechanical Earth Drills from Little Beaver, Inc., Livingston, Texas. Featuring a 360-rpm operating speed, the compact design allows access to areas unreachable by skid steer-mounted augers.

Four models are available in the line, each featuring a powerful overhead valve gas engine. The MDL-5B and MDL-5H are available with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 5.5-horsepower engine, and are mounted on 8-inch semi-pneumatic tires. Offering the choice of an 8-horsepower Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine, the MDL-8B and MDL-8H come mounted on 10-inch pneumatic tires. The entire unit offers a smaller footprint for easy access in any area, and can be used on lawns, golf course greens and other delicate surfaces without causing damage.

The MDL drills feature a steel torque tube, allowing operators the ability to use large diameter augers without fear of dangerous kickback. In addition to increasing operator safety, the torque tube provides easier drilling, reducing operator effort and fatigue.

For further operator safety, all models feature a centrifugal clutch. If a buried object is encountered or the auger is overloaded, the clutch automatically slips, protecting the operator from serious injury, and the drive cable and transmission gears from damage.

A universal auger is included and offers the ability to easily change out tips depending on surface type. Another standard feature is a hard-faced tip, suitable for typical lawn and garden dirt, and sandy, loam-type soils. A heavy-duty rock tip is optional and works well in rocky soils. For the toughest surfaces, including hard clay, asphalt and frozen ground, an optional carbide-blade tip is available. Easily changeable, snap-on augers are offered in 36- and 42-inch lengths, with diameters ranging from 1.5- to 16-inch. To reach further digging depths, snap-on auger extensions are also available, in both full-flighted and tube configurations.

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Tow Spreader

Towing eliminates the need for mounting a large spreader in the truck bed.

If you’re charged with tackling ice and snow on larger sites, the SP-7000 Tow Pro spreader from SnowEx offers a sizeable 1.4-cubic-yard capacity and is designed to be towed behind tractors and UTVs with a lawn and garden hitch, eliminating the need to mount a large spreader in the truck bed.

Thanks to a unique material feed system, the Tow Pro is able to handle all available spreading materials for ice management, such as 100-percent sand, 100-percent salt/ice melt or any combination in between. The system includes a multi-angled hopper for enhancing material flow to the spreader’s inverted-“V” baffle and patented auger, which then delivers material to a precise spot on the spinner. It also contains an integrated vibrator to reduce clumping and promote consistent feeding.

With an 18-inch, stainless steel spinner, the unit is capable of spreading material up to 30 feet wide. For maximum control of the spread pattern, the spinner can be tilted between zero and 15 degrees downward, and the fins can also be adjusted.

The Tow Pro features fully electric cab control of all moving components, including the auger drive, spinner and shutoff gate. The unit comes with a weatherproof digital controller, which independently adjusts the speed of the material feed system and the spinner. The controller displays the exact feed rate, helping the operator spread accurately and save material.

The electric shutoff gate can also be actuated by the controller. Additionally, the controller includes an incremental startup/shutdown feature to further limit material waste. The spreader can draw power from the towing vehicle’s battery and, as an option, it can be equipped with two rechargeable, 12-volt batteries to ensure ample power to the system.

Because the Tow Pro is completely electric driven, it contains no pulleys, sprockets, chains or belts to maintain. Additionally, its polyethylene hopper eliminates common corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with steel-built alternatives. Other standard features include a fitted hopper cover and top screen.

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Drop Spreader

Achieve easy access on tight applications.

When you need a compact spreader for those tricky jobs, the SD-95 professional-grade drop spreader from SnowEx can be used for ice management in confined areas. Ideal for sidewalks, driveways and other tight applications, the new spreader delivers a consistent flow of material directly to the ground, reducing waste and preventing the material from flinging into unwanted locations. The SD-95 includes a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper, which has a 160-pound capacity. Designed to handle bagged rock salt and pelletized material, the unit spreads in a 28-inch-wide path. The spreader also features an adjustment lever on the handle for changing the material flow quickly and accurately. With large, 13-inch-diameter pneumatic tires, the spreader requires minimum effort to push. Also included is a clear hopper cover, which prevents foreign objects from entering the hopper, yet allows the operator to easily monitor material levels. SnowEx is a division of TrynEx International, Warren, Mich.

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Ground-drive Spreader

Lightweight and agile spreaders reduce impact on delicate surfaces.

Do you treat parks, sports fields, lawns and landscape installations? Two new ground-drive spreaders, the 7-cubic foot capacity TS700GR and 12-cubic foot capacity TS1200GR from TurfEx, are designed for use with tractors and various utility vehicles to exert reduced impact on surfaces.

Both models are constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight polyethylene, which reduces corrosion and maintenance concerns while making the units up to 40 percent lighter. The lightweight design helps eliminate potential turf damage and lessens fuel consumption for the towing vehicle. Additionally, the spreaders feature large flotation tires to further minimize impact on delicate surfaces.

To ensure precise material feed and spread pattern, the spreaders are equipped with a manual flow gate. Additionally, both units include a 12-inch steel spinner with adjustable fins. Spread width is infinitely variable up to 30 feet.

Spreader performance can be further fine-tuned with a standard adjustable deflector. Other standard equipment includes a clear, fitted hopper cover and an integral trailer mount.

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