Village Nurseries Wholesale announced it will host the Second Annual Horticulture Encounter during April and May at their Orange and Miramar/San Diego, Calif. Landscape Centers. The event will give landscape professionals a deeper understanding of how and where their plant offerings will thrive.

The two-month event is part of the company’s Save Water-Stay Green™ campaign and its ongoing commitment to help landscape professionals keep current on the latest plant material trends. The Orange event runs from April 11 through April 22; the Miramar/San Diego event runs May 9 to May 27. The company will also sponsor an Open House at each location on April 15 and May 13, respectively.

Attendees will be given a private tour of plants in natural groupings such as Dry Lush, California Natives, Succulents and Desert. The groupings will display common, everyday landscape plants that people may think need lots of water but actually require very little.

With an up close and personal view, landscape professionals can observe contrasting colors, forms and sizes to achieve dramatic effects in design, style and landscape themes. Plant solutions for challenges such as reclaimed irrigation and clay soil sensitivity will be included along with ideas for various landscape uses for top performing succulents and pollinator plants. Additionally, Village Nurseries will showcase some of its newest plant introductions and feature many of its proprietary plant lines.

The Open Houses will feature keynote presentations from Nicholas Staddon, the Village Nurseries Plantsman, the company’s resource for innovative plant materials as well for providing solutions to some of today’s challenging landscape demands, and Anthony Tesselaar, president and founder of Tesselaar Plants, from whom the company licenses the world-famous Flower Carpet Rose®.

In addition to its educational benefits, the 2nd Annual Horticulture Encounter will offer a fun side with gifts, prizes and dining.

Reservations are required for all Horticultural Encounter tours, which can include a group of associates or company teams. To schedule a tour, contact Suzie Wiest at 858-699-0442 or email at