InfinitePeripherals (IPC) and Webalo created an enterprise mobility system for supply chain and inventory management that improved profitability and decreased waste by 50 percent at Bell Nursery. Bell is the primary supplier to 178 Home Depot stores in seven states and the District of Columbia.

“This versatile software has delivered on our mission to dramatically increase business productivity,” said Joe Perret, vice president at Bell. “The new solution has helped us save $7 million in inventory waste while significantly increasing our overall efficiency.”

Replacing a paper process, the new inventory system brings together iPhones® and IPC’s Linea Pro® 4 or 5 with Webalo’s Supply Chain and Inventory Management (SCIM) secure mobile apps. Now Bell Nursery employees – as many as 1,700 in the busy season – manage inventory more quickly and accurately using the barcode scanner on the Linea Pro to track products via UPC codes,providing real-time access to accurate inventory data for 400-600 SKUs across 200 inventory locations.

The automated system enables Bell Nursery to better manage shipments and placements of the 100 million annuals, perennials and poinsettias that it provides to Home Depot each year, from grower to check-out. Bell now has immediate awareness of and flexibility in identifying and moving perishable plants from where they are not selling to stores where they are in demand. This is critical for the largest nursery grower in the mid-Atlantic region that does 80 percent of its business in a 10-week period.

“We are thrilled to have helped Bell Nursery overhaul its systems, providing the company with real-time holistic intelligence on its entire supply chain,” said Webalo CEO Peter Price.  “This also benefits Home Depot customers who now have better access to the exact products they want at their local stores.”

IPC’s lightweight, durable Linea Pro adds a barcode scanner, capable of reading 1D or 2D barcodes, and a magnetic stripe reader to the iPhone and iPod touch® to facilitate a variety of mobile enterprise functions, including inventory management, point-of-sale, healthcare data access and labeling, ticketing and entry access, lead tracking, inspection/work flow, dispatch and time/labor.

“The Linea Pro is an easy-to-use, mobile system that provides fast, accurate scanning and long-lasting performance in demanding warehouse environments,” said Andrew Graham, president of IPC. “With Webalo’s platform, this versatile tool has truly been a game changer for Bell Nursery.”

Secured with AirWatch by VMware, the mobile devices are provisioned with more than 36 Webalo applications that are automatically updated through the AirWatch enterprise mobility management platform, easily equipping employees with the latest versions of each application.