Local grower Golden Valley Roses has reinvented the flower in the form of their mini rose trees. These 10-inch-tall creations are a new take on an old bloom, the perfect way to convey thoughtfulness in more permanent form.

After taking a turn inside, these specimens can be planted outside for ongoing enjoyment. So can Golden Valley’s more traditional potted roses, grown with expert care on their small, family-operated farm in Bakersfield, California. The company provides locally grown roses and plants to areas both nearby and further afield, offering a green and affordable alternative to expensive imports.

Fall Planting Season

Delicate roots have time to establish themselves before winter, becoming hardy and giving them a head start on spring. By then, the plant has more strength and vigor, resulting in gorgeous flowers throughout the spring, summer and following fall, depending on variety.

For those that live in areas that see snow, roses can be planted in 3-gallon containers and overwintered inside until weather permits planting outdoors.

Greener Growing Systems

Golden Valley uses a specially designed tray to give us maximum chance of development. Open on the bottom, the trays allow for air pruning of roots, avoiding the ball-like effect common to many potted plants.

This lays the foundation for hardy and long-lasting plants and maximizes the health of the rose so gardeners can buy fewer plants and enjoy the ones they have longer.

Limited Edition Mini Rose Trees

The limited edition run of mini rose trees includes only 2,000, though more will be available come 2016, especially if the company gets the funding it seeks.

Both mini tree roses and regular potted roses come in a multitude of different varieties.