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There’s work to be done, and you need the right equipment for the job. If you’re interested in versatility, efficiency, ease of use, economy-or all of the above-the machine you select needs to be the best fit for your task.

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An “all-around” machine.

Compact tractor

If you need a compact tractor that easily moves from tilling to loading to belly mowing and back again, take a look at the Massey Ferguson® MF1526 compact tractor, the latest addition to the Massey Ferguson 1500 Series compact tractor line. This new addition features 25-engine horsepower, a three-range hydrostatic transmission and improved ergonomics for more operator comfort and convenience.

The MF1526 at 25 engine horsepower is powered by a Tier 4 interim-emission-compliant Iseki three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. An electrohydraulic, independent rear PTO engages smoothly and allows you to separately manage PTO speed and ground speed. (For added versatility, a mid-mount PTO is a convenient option on this model.) Attaching and operating implements such as a tiller, rotary cutter or finish mower is simple work with the category I three-point hitch.

A handy three-range hydrostatic transmission with separate forward and reverse right-side foot pedals makes forward and reverse operation second nature and more comfortable for the operator, plus delivers precise control of ground speeds. The low range ensures optimum torque for more power to the ground when muscle is needed, and the high range keeps you moving swiftly; cruise control is another standard feature.

The tractor’s semi-flat, ISO-mounted platform puts rubber bushings between the platform and the frame to soak up vibration, making the ride smoother and the machine quieter. An easy-to-read instrument panel helps keep the operator informed of the tractor’s performance. A full line of handy and useful attachments, from loaders and mowers to brooms and blades, is available.

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Field planter

Designed to handle broad-rooted plants, such as daylily, the Model 580 from Mechanical Transplanter Co., Holland, Mich., features a large diameter disc with large, V-3 style pockets for bulky plants with up to 18-inch tops and 7-inch-deep root systems. A deep, 10-inch suction point shoe measures 3 inches wide inside.

Versatility and efficiencyin planting.

The Model 580 can be used as a single row planter, but when you need to get more work done in less time, it can be used as a multi-row system on a toolbar with rows as close as 22 inches apart. When mounted on a bed planter frame, the unit plants five rows as close as 11 inches apart. Plant spacing is adjustable from 5.5 inches and up along the row. The company’s positive spacing float wheel drive front hitch prepares the soil in front of each unit.

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Field potters

Easy lifting from ground to pot.

High Production Potter and Super Production Potters from Lemar Tree Spades, Airdrie, Alberta, provide rootball consistency in sizes ranging from 5-, 7- and 10-gallon for the Super, to 5-, 7-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-gallon-all in the same High Production machine.

The Super Production model feature quick cycle times with the gate closed and all shovels down in 2.5 seconds. It’s compact – just 33 inches tall and 44 inches wide – on a 4-inch solid steel frame. Sealed, greaseless hinges are field tested to a minimum of 50,000 trees before the bushings need to be changed. A high-flow aluminum valve increases speed, allowing the operator to attain production rates of more than 300 trees per hour. An automation option streamlines the operation of the unit with one-button control for comfort and efficiency.

The High Production potter shares many of the same features with the Super model, including a quick cycle time: it achieves gate closed, all shovels down and the undercutter down in 8 seconds. It’s compact at only 40 inches tall and 50 inches wide, and includes an undercutter for tap-rooted stock. As with the Super model, optional automation is available, but Lemar’s High Production Potter also offers an automatic pot arm option. This includes a bolt-on lift tower and swing arm that mechanically places the dug stock into the pot. Suitable for production requiring a 15-gallon or larger pot, this option is strictly designed for “row run” digging applications.

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Narrow utility tractor

A high-torque, low-emission PowerTech diesel engine with 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission drives the 5093EN utility tractor from John Deere, Moline, Ill. But what’s critical to the nursery operator is the “N” in the 5093EN – it stands for “narrow” – and that suits nursery operations to a T. A 55-degree turn angle provides excellent maneuverability for big-torque tasks in tight spaces. The push/pull engagement of the electrohydraulic PTO reduces operator fatigue, increases comfort and convenience, and eliminates the left-handed PTO engagement lever. Standard on narrow tractors and standard tractors equipped with a 24F/24R PowrReverser® transmission, the electrohydraulic PTO offers a wet clutch that extends the clutch life and reduces the need to budget for clutch repair costs.

Maneuverability and effi ciency in a small package.

The 5E Narrow Series Tractors feature a category 2/1/1N universal three-point hitch that adapts to a wide variety of implements. The three-point hitch has plenty of lift capacity to handle integral implements, such as rippers, sprayers and field cultivators. The hitch lift has 3,374 pounds of lift capacity at 24 inches behind the hitch lift balls. Hitch adjustments can be made quickly and easily with the standard electrohydraulic three-point hitch.

Operator comfort is key: 5E Narrow Series cabs provide a clean, quiet environment protected from the elements. A powerful air-conditioning system and heat allow the operator to control the cab climate to preference, regardless of the conditions outside. The standard visor blocks the sun on bright days, while a dome light allows the operator to see controls at all times of the day.

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