Expanded label

BioSafe Systems LLC, East Hartford, Conn., announces that the EPA has approved a newly expanded label for AzaGuard Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide, including expanded use rates and new pests. New to the label are mites, caterpillars, borers, beetles, weevils and nematodes on greenhouse and nursery crops. AzaGuard is a 3 percent Azadirachtin insect growth regulator that is OMRI Listed for Organic Use.

For more information: www.biosafesystems.com/Product-HORT-AzaGuard.asp


OHP Inc., Mainland, Penn., has introduced Sirocco miticide/insecticide to the production ornamentals market. Sirocco is a unique broad-spectrum miticide and insecticide that provides control of a variety of mites including two-spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, cyclamen mites, broad mites, bud mites and southern red mites. Additionally, Sirocco provides control of insects such as leafminers, as well as suppression of aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Sirocco can be used on ornamental plants such as bedding plants, foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials, and shrubs and trees, including non-bearing fruit trees grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, nurseries, landscapes and interiorscapes.

For more information: www.ohp.com

Energy screen

Ludvig Svensson, Inc., Charlotte, N.C., offers a new energy screen that reduces condensation formation and increases light transmission for greenhouse production. The new XLX 10 Ultra Revolux with H2no technology reduces the formation of condensation droplets, which act as mirrors that reflect light and reduce light transmission in the greenhouse. With H2no, water on the screen instead forms a thin, transparent film that is wicked away into the screen’s yarn structure. The result is a considerable increase in light transmission – up to 10 percent – compared to an untreated screen.

For more information: www.ludvigsvensson.com

Two-wire controller

Underhill, Lake Forest, Calif., has introduced Sapien, a dedicated two-wire controller that operates up to 63 stations. Designed for flexibility, Sapien works in multiple applications: new irrigation systems, a multiwire conversion or a two-wire (or multiwire) expansion. No special wiring or field grounding is required. With an easy-to-read backlit display, Sapien’s features an exclusive LightTouch™ screen that “talks” the user through the set-up with buttons that light up sequentially. Sapien offers ABCD and manual programs, seasonal adjust by percentage and 12 start times per day. It is radio-control ready and rain/wind/frost sensor compatible. Stainless steel wall mounts, waterproof enclosures and pedestal models are available.

For more information: www.underhill.us

Weather-durable paper

GrowTechSolutions, Rogersville, Mo., has introduced Greencard, an Earth-friendly, sustainable and 100 percent recyclable paper that resists rain, sleet and snow without wetting. Designed for short-term use for outdoor signs, Greencard is built for color and/or black and white laser printers. It can also take pen, pencil or markers.

For more information: www.growtechsolutions.com

Recycling cabinet

Shure Manufacturing Corp., Washington, Mo., introduces a new recycling cabinet with a large, swing-out door that opens to reveal a 40-gallon, plastic receptacle with dolly for recyclable materials. Features include a stainless steel top with 12-inch recycle receptacle hole; 40-gallon, plastic recycle receptacle with dolly (ordered separately); leg levelers; heavy-duty steel construction; and choice of 22 Shure Signature powder coat paint colors.

For more information: www.shureusa.com

Sectional snowplow

Sectional Sno-Plow, a division of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, Bradley, Ill., has developed LD plows, a line designed to be used with compact equipment such as backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders and tractors. The patented steel moldboard design is made up of 32-inch-wide individual sections, each featuring spring-loaded trip edges. The separate sections move independently of one another, allowing the plow to contour to the surface and scrape snow and ice out of dips and recessions, all while moving up and over raised objects. Each moldboard section features an AR-400 hardened-steel trip cutting edge, designed to effectively scrape snow and ice down to the pavement.

For more information: www.sectionalplow.com

Waterfall spillway

Aquascape, Inc., St. Charles, Ill., has introduced its new waterfall spillway, which features strategically positioned internal barriers that diffuse the rush of incoming water, providing a smooth flowing waterfall through the front spillway. At 22 inches wide, the waterfall spillway handles flows up to 7,500 gallons per hour, and its one-piece roto-molded design makes it extremely durable. The unit is easy to camouflage since it can be buried beneath stone, gravel, mulch or soil. Multiple spillways can be used for larger, more creative waterfall designs.

For more information: www.aquascapeinc.com