Gathering new plants, reviewing them, preparing the copy, selecting the photos – year after year, American Nurseryman has devoted its entire end-of-the-year issue to new plant introductions. You would think that, after a while, it’d become routine.

Courtesy of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

And you would be wrong.

There’s nothing routine about the thrill of seeing the gorgeous new plants that have been developed or discovered and, we trust, have been trialed and passed muster. It takes years, of course, for any new plant to prove itself. Some become standards, some make a splash and then fade, and a lucky few change the market. Will those future stars be among this year’s crop?

Courtesy of David Austin Roses

As usual, we received far too many submissions to include on the pages of this magazine, but we’ve made room for each and every one online at With the fabulous selection of plants from A to Z, you’re sure to find something that will put that extra bit of spark into your inventory or your designs.

Courtesy of Hidden Hollow Nursery

Perhaps they’ll become those go-to plants that we rely on to anchor the market for years to come. Perhaps they’ll inspire breeders to create even more spectacular selections.

Because introducing new plants never gets old.