J. Berry Nursery provides resources to meet gardeners’ needs with the introduction of three brand new, mobile-friendly websites: jberrynursery.com; dejabloomazaleas.com; and blackdiamondblooms.com.

Each website features easy navigation to help gardeners find plants appropriate for their hardiness zones, locate the nearest retail outlets, and care for their new garden additions. The company’s corporate website, jberrynursery.com, provides an overview of all of the products created by the J. Berry Nursery breeding program. Its Black Diamond Crapemyrtle series is featured on a separate website, blackdiamondblooms.com, to showcase the blooms and black foliage of these plants.

Additionally, with the introduction of Déjà Bloom Azaleas, J. Berry Nursery launched dejabloomazaleas.com. The site provides specific information to help gardeners select the ideal shrubs for their climates and gardens along with plant sizes and installation options to bloom time and pest resistance.