Photo couresty of Spring Meadow Nursery Inc.

Production of the New Plant Introductions issue coincided this year with the national Powerball lottery drawing that reached more than a half billion dollars-unfathomable to most of us-and although I don’t buy tickets because I understand all too well that my odds of winning are always ridiculously slim, I was tempted. I didn’t fall for it, but I was tempted.

My car needs new tires, my kitchen floor has seen better days and I’d give my eyeteeth to be able to open my windows in the spring without a wresting match. But such necessities pale in comparison to my dreams of claiming just a little bit of land in varying USDA Hardiness Zones.

I’ll admit that my green thumb tends toward a muddier shade of brown, but as each new plant submission rolled in for this issue, the dream got just a little bigger. Zone 5? Perfect! Zone 6? Well, maybe with protection. Anything above that and I’d slump back in my chair, dejected. And then I’d allow the fantasy to take over … a few well-positioned properties and I could grow it all! Win that bundle and I’d have the garden(s) of my dreams!

Photo couresty of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Alas, the practical side won out, and I had to settle for the thrill of combing through more than 170 exciting submissions of glorious, tempting, promising new plants for 2013.

Not a bad gig.

Photo couresty of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Inc.

I know there’s something here for everyone, no matter where you’re located. So join me in the dream and start selecting those special plants for the coming year.

Happy Holidays to all and all good wishes for a bountiful 2013!