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Quercus macrocarpa ‘JFS-KW3’ PP22815

Common name: Urban Pinnacle® oak

Trademark: Urban Pinnacle® oak PP22815

Introduced by: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., Boring, Oregon (discovered by Keith Warren as a chance seedling in their production fields)

  • Zone 3
  • Large, deeply lobed leaves are unusually dark green and glossy and turn to handsome yellow in autumn; petite acorns of about ½-inch diameter are extremely small compared to typical bur oak acorns
  • Unusual form is predictably narrow and upright; tailored for street tree use, it reaches approximately 55’ tall and 25’ wide at maturity
  • Full sun; tolerant of heat, drought and poor soils; alkaline tolerant
  • Durable, heat tolerant foliage is resistant to both mildew and anthracnose
  • Small quantities of Urban Pinnacle® oak were released to trial sites in 2010 for regional testing; it will be readily available for the first time in 2016 as liners, bare root and in No. 15 and No. 20 containers

Photo courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.