About NCSU and Hidden Hollow Nursery: “Hidden Hollow Nursery is a small, family nursery, in business since 1982. We focus on producing specialty high-quality, grafted bareroot liners.”

For more information: Alex Neubauer; scion@hiddenhollownursery.com

Cercis canadensis [Texensis group] ‘Pink Pom Poms’

Common name: Eastern redbud (hybrid of ‘Flame’ × ‘Oklahoma’)

Trademark: PPAF

Introduced by: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Hidden Hollow Nursery, Belvidere, Tennessee

  • Zone 6b
  • Large, double pink flowers; flowering about 1 week later than typical redbud; attractive, semi-glossy leaves
  • Globose form; 13.5’ tall by 12.8’ wide (original 8-year-old tree)
  • Full sun to light shade; well-drained soil
  • None unique to this cultivar
  • Liners; bare root

Photos courtesy of Kieft Seed