About University of Minnesota: “In the five short years since Minnesota Hardy was first published, University of Minnesota plant breeders have produced an abundance of new cultivars.”

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Gymnocladus dioicus

Common name: Kentucky coffeetree

Trademark: Gymnocladus dioicus ‘UMNSynergy’ True North™ Kentucky coffeetree

Introduced by: University of Minneosta, St. Paul

  • Zone 4a
  • Upright, oval crown with better branch architecture than typical seedling; male selection with no seed pods; large, dark green compound leaves; scaly, recurved bark
  • Narrow upright, oval form; moderate growth rate; 50 to 70’ tall by 20 to 30’ wide
  • Full sun; grows best in rich, moist soils but is adaptable to dry and alkaline conditions
  • No serious disease or insect pests are known
  • Bare root; B&B

Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota