About J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.: “For over 60 years, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. has been “Growing New Ideas.” As originators of the Red Sunset® Maple and introducer or co-introducer of more than 50 other patented or trademarked cultivars, our company is known as a premier source of up-to-date deciduous tree cultivars and new introductions.”

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Acer truncatum × platanoides ‘JFS-KW187’ P.A.F.

Common name: Urban Sunset® maple

Trademark: Urban Sunset® maple

Introduced by: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

  • USDA hardiness zone: Zone 4b
  • Ornamental features: Leaves emerge reddish purple, mature to dark green, remaining glossy, fresh through summer heat; heat- and tatter-resistant, they turn bright to deep burgundy-red in autumn
  • Habit and growth rate: Compact, upright and narrow; 35’ tall by 20’ wide
  • Culture: Full sun; adaptable to poor soils and challenging urban growing conditions; develops a narrow, uniformly branched canopy with minimal pruning
  • Pest/disease problems/unique resistance: Good heat resistance and drought tolerance; easy to grow; pest and disease resistant; produces few seeds and develops an ideal, upright street tree form
  • Availability: Liners; bare root; containers

Magnolia ‘NCMX1’ P.A.F.

Common name: Mercury™ magnolia

Trademark: Mercury™ magnolia

Introduced by: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. and North Carolina State University; selected by Dr. Tom Ranney

  • USDA hardiness zone: Zone 5
  • Ornamental features: Tall, slender, deep pink buds open to large, fragrant, lavender-pink blooms; leaves unfurl reddish, mature to lush, strongly textured, tropical-looking dark green; yellow fall color
  • Habit and growth rate: Pyramidal; 25’ tall by 15’ wide; strong central leader and upright branching result in a tree with excellent form suitable for use as a street or specimen tree
  • Culture: Full sun or partial shade; adaptable to varied soils
  • Pest/disease problems/unique resistance: Good heat tolerance proved by years of evaluation at North Carolina State University; frost damage greatly reduced due to bloom time later than other M. soulangeana cultivars
  • Availability: Liners; containers