Tiny plants

Faery plants are the hottest trend in retail garden centers. Eason Horticultural Resources proudly offers Faery Garden Kingdom plants from Possum Run Greenhouses in Bellville, Ohio. These Faery Garden plants are unique because they are true dwarf varieties, many reaching a maximum growth of only 8 to 10 inches. For best fall availability, EHR recommends selecting from Possum Run’s four Faery Plant Assortments: Tropical sun, Tropical shade, Hardy sun or Hardy shade (32 plants in each assortment).

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Lithodora ‘Crystal Blue’

‘Crystal Blue’ is Terra Nova Nurseries’ first Lithodora introduction, featuring the largest sky-blue flowers of the species. Extra-large, vigorous foliage covers the ground, reaching a spread up to 30 inches. The groundcover plant at maturity is about 6 inches tall, including flowers. ‘Crystal Blue’ appreciates full sun to part shade in zones 5 to 7.

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