Anchoring a wall or enhancing a trellis, climbing roses add color and scent to today’s vertical landscapes.

Landscapes today are looking up. Smaller footprints and shared spaces mean that stretching out isn’t as easy as reaching up, and plants that climb and ramble to fill that vertical space can help create the garden your clients desire.

Roses are a particular favorite, and with so many climbing varieties from which to choose, the options are endless. Many are repeat bloomers, most offer fragrance and all need a reliably sunny site. Does it come down to color? To type of flower? To style of garden?

Surely there’s a climbing rose that fits your plans, and we’ve offered here just a few examples.

Graham Thomas is among the best known English roses; this vigorous climbing variety (Ausmas) from David Austin® Roses boasts rich yellow, medium-sized double flowers that bloom prolifically. Ideally planted against a wall where it will reach up to 12 feet, it’s a repeat flowering selection that boasts a fresh, tea rose fragrance.Photo courtesy of David Austin® Roses

Climbing to 9 to 11 feet when supported by a wall, arch, rose pillar or trellis, Crown Princess Margareta Climbing rose (Auswinter) from David Austin® Roses sports soft, apricot-orange, double blooms with a strong, fruity fragrance. It’s a repeat bloomer with a strong arching habit.Photo courtesy of David Austin® Roses

The flexible canes of Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose grow 8 to 12 feet long and support outstanding multicolored, red-orange to yellow-orange, fragrant blooms from spring through summer. Best used on sunny fences or arbors; good for cutting, too.Photo courtesy of Monrovia

The small, delicately pointed buds and light pink, double blooms of Rosa × ‘Cecile Brunner’ are especially suited for cutting. This selection grows well on a trellis or arbor in the cottage garden, where the 10- to 20-foot-long canes can support the fragrant flowers from spring through fall.Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Repeat blooming Smiley Face® (Rosa ‘Meilaclost’) produces large, true yellow blooms that are slightly spicy throughout the season. Canes reach to 12 feet and sport medium green, glossy foliage that’s resistant to mildew and rust.Photo courtesy of Star Roses and Plants

The bright orange, double flowers of Orange Crush® (Rosa ‘Meizernomi’) will not fade in the heat of summer, generously reblooming on canes that reach 12 to 15 feet. Medium-green, glossy foliage provides the perfect background for the unusual, brilliant flowers.Photo courtesy of Star Roses and Plants

Pearly Gates™ (Rosa WEKmeyer) climbing rose from Weeks Roses offers soft, pastel pink, hybrid tea-shaped blooms on 8- to 12-foot-long canes. Blooming on old and new wood, the large (nearly 5-inch diameter!) blooms emit a strong, spice-and-rose fragrance.Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses

Rare, hydrangea-like clusters of buff to white, slightly fragrant flowers grace the 6- to 12-foot-long canes of Sally Holmes. Glossy foliage accents this strong climber.Photo courtesy of Star Roses and Plants

A perfect contrast to soft whites and pastels, Night Owl™ (Rosa WEKpurosot) is a repeat-bloomer that produces large, ruffled, semi-double flowers of the deepest, velvety purple-wine-red. Unusual gray-green foliage provides the backdrop on canes that reach 10 to 14 feet long.Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses

Kordes Golden Gate™ produces clusters of five to 10, double, golden yellow flowers that change to pure yellow through the season. A fresh, citrusy fragrance graces the large blooms, which grow on bushy, upright canes that reach to 8 feet.Photo courtesy of Newflora LLC/Kordes Roses

Rich, apricot-gold, ruffled double blooms cover the 10-foot-long canes of Autumn Sunset®. Blooming on old and new wood, the flowers emit a strong, fruity fragrance and are highlighted by bright, glossy green foliage.Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses

The abundant, violet-pink, double flowers of Jasmina™ boast a strong, sweet fragrance; they bloom recurrently on 8-foot-long branches and are highlighted by dense, slightly glossy foliage.Photo courtesy of Newflora LLC/Kordes Roses

Laguna™ from Kordes produces intense pink, fully double blooms in clusters of six to eight flowers; canes reach about 6 feet and support dark green medium-sized, glossy foliage. This repeat-bloomer offers a very strong, fruity fragrance.Photo courtesy of Newflora LLC/Kordes Roses

An apt name for a showy rose: Purple Splash™ (Rosa WEKspitrib) features medium blooms that are speckled and striped with wine-purple and white, accompanied by a sweet apple fragrance. Vigorous and free-flowering, this selection reblooms readily the very first year. Canes reach 7 to 9 feet and sport bright, glossy, apple-green foliage.Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses

Petite Valentine’s Day™ (Rosa WEKamrav) grows about 6 to 10 feet and is covered by clusters of slightly fragrant, medium-small, deep, rich, velvety red double flowers that rebloom on old and new wood. Blooms retain the same breathtaking color from bud to finish.Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses