<h3>Tree injection kit</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ArborSystems.com">www.ArborSystems.com</a>

Tree injection kit

ArborSystems’ Portle Kit now is available with the company’s Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Treatment System carry case. The kit consists of 12 Portles Tips, one Tip Setter, container for the Portle Tips and instruction guide. Users will be able to purchase the Kit with the current heavy-duty backpack or the carry case. The carry case holds the Portle Kit, up to four 120 ml chemical packs and all the tools for the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Treatment System.

For more information: www.ArborSystems.com

<h3>Nature's Source plant food</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ballhort.com/Growers/grower_news.aspx?pressid=358#article">www.ballhort.com/Growers/grower_news.aspx?pressid=358#article</a>

Nature’s Source plant food

Ball DPF has launched Nature’s Source®, a new look for the former Daniels® Plant Food with the same proven performance from seed extract-based nutrition. The easy-to-use liquid mixes instantly with water, and its concentrated formulations make it an economical choice as well. The low-salt formula won’t burn crops and improves plant quality. Professional products include Nature’s Source 10-4-3 Professional Plant Food, 3-1-1 Organic Plant Food and 10-4-4 Landscape Plant Food.

For more information: www.ballhort.com/Growers/grower_news.aspx?pressid=358#article

<h3>Microclimate weather station</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.AgriSensors.com">www.AgriSensors.com</a>

Microclimate weather station

Dynamax Inc. produces the new SapIP wireless data logger network for measuring plant water use, soil moisture and weather. The SapIP-Micro system is a wireless node with RH, air temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and rainfall sensors attached. This sensor set can be used to calculate ETp, which can be used for irrigation scheduling for crops or trees. The nodes can be up spaced up to 1,800 feet. apart and can daisy-chain up to (7) hops, giving a total distance of over a mile. The SapIP-Micro is an excellent research grade weather station, and data is collected at the www.AgriSensors.com website, or directly using a USB connection.

For more information: www.dynamax.com

<h3>Mobile computing platform</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cardinal-wireless.com/fleet-management/qualcomm">www.cardinal-wireless.com/fleet-management/qualcomm</a>

Mobile computing platform

Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform 50 is a safety-focused, cost-effective solution that can help you monitor and manage your fleet’s safety and regulatory compliance and keep your fleet on the road. Easy to install, the MCP50 includes the following features: small form factor; In-Motion UI, CE 6.0 operating system; text-to-speech; over the air upgrades; 7-inch touch screen display; onboard navigation; and more.

For more information: www.cardinal-wireless.com/fleet-management/qualcomm

<h3> Hydrostatic drive utility vehicles</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bobcat.com">www.bobcat.com</a>

Hydrostatic drive utility vehicles

The new 3600 and 3650 hydrostatic drive utility vehicles from Bobcat are designed to handle and haul more materials – plus, they’re the first in Bobcat’s line to offer cabs with heat and air conditioning. The combination of independent front dual A-arm suspension, with rear De Dion suspension that ties the two rear wheels together, improves the vehicle’s ride comfort and provides improved stability to haul and tow heavy loads. And the ability to change directions without shifting has improved operator convenience and maneuverability.

For more information: www.bobcat.com

<h3>TerraCyte<sup>&#174;</sup>PRO algaecide/fungicide</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.biosafesystems.com">www.biosafesystems.com</a>

TerraCyte®PRO algaecide/fungicide

TerraCyte®PRO broad spectrum algaecide/fungicide, an enhanced wettable powder, eradicates liverwort inoculums on contact. Researchers from the University of Maryland evaluated the product’s efficacy against liverwort control on littleleaf boxwood. Results found that TerraCytePRO granular reduced the percent of liverwort in the containers receiving two times the treatment by 94 percent. Results also showed on the second day of the second application, TerraCytePRO liquid significantly reduced liverwort cover by 81 percent. Overall there was no significant change in plant height and no phytotoxicity was observed on treated plants.

For more information: www.biosafesystems.com

<h3>Slatestone pavers</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.willowcreekpavingstones.com">www.willowcreekpavingstones.com</a>

Slatestone pavers

Featuring a natural slate texture, Slatestone pavers from Willow Creek Concrete Products come in three shapes to create an easy-to-install repeating pattern for a random, natural appearance. The simple pattern is perfect for patios, courtyards, walkways, driveways, paths and other outdoor spaces. At 7 cm thick, they’re as durable as they are beautiful, with colors including Bleu, Cr<0x00E8>me and Patina. The product carries a limited lifetime guarantee in residential applications.

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<h3>Cab for Kubota BX</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.curtiscab.com">www.curtiscab.com</a>

Cab for Kubota BX

Curtis Industries has introduced the BX Series Curtis Cab for Kubota’s line of sub-compact tractors. Both soft-sided and hard-sided versions are available. With a tilted Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS), the operator can work in a safe and efficient environment, and the structured steel frame provides the strength and durability needed for heavy-duty work. The windshield is made of AS2 tempered safety glass with internal latches to allow maximum circulation. Also standard with the new BX Series are pre-drilled holes in the rear for easier wiper installation. This new cab system is less than 7 feet in overall height (with ROPs folded) for easy storage in small spaces.

For more information: www.curtiscab.com

<h3>Dicentra 'Amore' series</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.terranovanurseries.com">www.terranovanurseries.com</a>

Dicentra ‘Amore’ series

Producing bountiful flowers throughout spring and summer, the new ‘Amore’ series of Dicentra from Terra Nova Nurseries has superior vigor with a dwarf habit. Selections include ‘Amore Pink’ (pictured) and ‘Amore Rose’. The average size for both plants is 14 inches tall with a 14-inch flower scape; spread is about 9 inches. For optimal performance, they should be planted in part to full shade in zones 5 to 9.

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<h3>Bug-free blanket</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.insectshield.com">www.insectshield.com</a>

Bug-free blanket

Snuggling by the fire pit. Watching fireworks on the Fourth. Cheering on the kids’ soccer team. Your customers are outside, and so are mosquitoes. The new outdoor blanket from Insect Shield can help them stay safe and warm with its built-in, odorless and effective patent-pending Insect Shield Repellent Technology protection. It’s EPA-registered and repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas. Weighing a mere 18 ounces, it’s big enough (56 inches by 74 inches) to protect the whole family. Machine washable, too!

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